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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I am extremely passionate about life. My hope is to inspire others who need a little something to help them make the healthy choices that lead them to an improved quality of life. I guess you could say I began this pursuit many years ago when I was just a youngster.

I grew up in the foothills of California and pursued many things in the area that helped me learn about adventure, hard work, and dedication. I absolutely love the environment that I grew up in, with the beauty of the outdoors constantly keeping me in awe. I played sports throughout my childhood and through college. There was something about running around and getting sweaty that offered me some sort of solace especially in the tough times. Sports also allowed me the chance to learn how to support others, develop leadership skills, and push myself to the limits physically and mentally. I moved to Maui in my early twenties and continued to pursue my own improved quality of life. Throughout my 10 years living on the island I engaged many many people while working in the Tourist industry. I learned even more about people and what makes us tick, I guess you could say. 


When I returned to the mainland I was offered an opportunity to attend William Jessup University, as long as I competed in their softball and basketball programs. I attended college and competed in the athletics programs for 4 years until I graduated in 2014. While attending WJU I completed a certification in addiction studies as well as my bachelors in developmental psychology. I fell in love with the idea of helping others find peace and contentment in their everyday lives. I immediately started working after graduation to find as many ways as possible to improve one's quality of life. I am very grateful for all the different opportunities I have had along the way to not only support others in their journeys towards improved quality of life, but to also be blessed myself with life changing information and relationships along the way. 


My goal as a support person is to do my absolute best to get to know you as an individual, figure out what may be missing in your life, or what needs to be added, and create an individualized plan of attack for you to put into action in your life. I will then offer continued support and accountability as you pursue your plan of action. Let's get started!!


CADC II, ICADC #A021141115

Certified Brain Health Professional

Amen Clinics Licensed Trainer

Safe & Sound Protocol Practitioner

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